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Client Services

The Accelerated Recruitment™ Approach

Connor|Caitlin and the MRINetwork™ have been leaders and innovators in talent for nearly half a century. As such, we've learned a thing or two about pinpointing those people who can become the heart of a business.

Our proprietary Accelerated Recruitment™ approach is a combination of our streamlined methodology and the unique knowledge of our industry experts, from around the world, designed specifically to help target the next impact player and deliver them at the pace business demands.

Customized Solutions, Real World Pace.

Connor|Caitlin leaders are focused on meeting a company's individual, cultural and business needs. No preconceived notions—only carefully crafted solutions designed to achieve specific hiring goals and objectives. With a full range of options, we give you the flexibility you want at the pace your business demands.

Contingency Recruitment Solutions:

Connor|Caitlin created a contingency search model to give companies a no risk option to experience our difference. You only pay a fee on the placement of our Impact Player talent you hire. This is a great way to start our partnership and discover the difference.

Retained Recruitment Solutions.

If your need is more immediate or the Talent’s skills more in demand, we will dedicate a team of professionals to focus exclusively on your specific solution. In return for a small commitment, you will receive a complete, customized search action plan developed with our partnership, identifying your need and sourcing the talent for your business.

Contract Staffing Solutions.

Limited time or short-term projects require unique talent. We can aid in determining the best available talent at the right time for you and handle everything from sourcing to payroll. Let us take the worry for you.

Leadership Development

The leadership difference for today's companies correlates to the bottom-line performance. Tying individual performance with business objectives is an elusive concept for team members and managers. Our company assists you in creating a clear line of sight from the individual's unique contribution to the company deliverables; an invaluable tool to your growth strategy. With an arsenal of Leadership Development tools we can aid your efforts whether it be for high potential or the seasoned executive.

The pace at which business changes today demands that leaders keep skills fresh and be constantly on the move. Connor|Caitlin, works with your leaders to keep them abreast of the latest knowledge and trends in their field with real-world ideas and techniques that are utilized in today's fast paced business arena.

Human Capital Solutions

We know your business objectives are clear and can only be accomplished with the right people in the right roles at the right time. Connor|Caitlin helps you meet the needs of today and tomorrow. Whether your Human Capital need is large or small, we offer world-class HR solutions for our clients.

Our process is simple. We partner with you to understand your business challenge and deliver a solution tied to your goals. Our company is focused on one objective...deliver bottom line results in Human Resources for your organization-A People Strategy.

Personality Assessments Tools

"What were they thinking?" We can help you answer that question with a variety of research tools that will help you better understand your current team members and how they prefer to work. We can also utilize these tools to determine the best qualities and characteristics for success during the recruitment process.

Emotional Intelligence of your leadership is not only a distinguishable advantage; it’s a difference maker in Talent. That being, it is also much different from IQ. In fact, you can increase your emotional intelligence through training and development. Our certified SEIQ coaches help you identify, develop and distinguish your leaders emotional intelligence.

Career Coaching

Harvard Business School looks at a career coach as one of the most important resources for today’s business professional. As you evaluate your growth strategy, the partnership of a Certified Career Coach is key to distinguishing leaders for today and tomorrow.

Working for tomorrow, today requires a commitment to developing your leaders skills. Leadership Development is your responsibility and whether satisfied, discouraged, in transition, fast tracking or just curious, owning your team’s development is the best defense of the uncertainty in today's business world.

Relocation Assistance Program

Hiring talent is only one part of the recruitment process. Making the relocation process move smoothly reaffirms the quality of your company's first impression and paves the way for a strong partnership with Hiring talent is only one part of the recruitment process. Making the relocation process move smoothly reaffirms the quality of your company's first impression and paves the way for a strong partnership with your employees. Connor|Caitlin provides comprehensive logistics and coordination assistance that can make the relocation of your new hire easy and efficient.

Retention Solutions

Our commitment does not end when your talent is hired. We stand behind our clients with a commitment to help retain key employees along with the talent you have hired from our partnership. After all, who better to help you understand how to keep people than Connor|Caitlin? We know all the reasons why people leave?

Connor|Caitlin is your Talent Solutions Partner. If you're ready to build your business with the right Impact Players, contact us.

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