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About Connor|Caitlin

Every day at Connor|Caitlin, we help our clients locate and place Difference Makers. Talent that isn’t found in the active job market. Their resumes are not hidden within the hundreds of candidates looking for jobs, because they are not looking for jobs, they are looking for careers; careers with great companies that understand the difference people make. This 20% of the workforce make 80% of the impact in your business. They make the difference.

At Connor|Caitlin we understand the value of time. As your partners in Talent we find the Difference Makers, the Impact Players. They bring more than skill. They bring energy and passion. Their effort doesn't end just because the day has.

Partnering with Connor|Caitlin, you put your trust in a company with over 40 years of Industry leadership in Operations, Sales & Marketing, and Human Resources in very specialized industries from small and mid-sized businesses to Fortune 100. Our Practice Leaders are Industry experts in Talent. Paired with our Accelerated Recruitment™ approach, we bring together the right combination of urgency, scale and expertise to match your specific needs in an uncompromising way.

Our reach is global; with offices on every continent you do business. Connor|Caitlin is part of the world’s largest recruitment and placement organization, MRINetwork™, having over 600 offices located around the globe.

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